The Residential Programme

Centre for Professional Studies (The Residential Programme)

Adamas Center for Professional Studies is a unique venture of RICE Education. It is a dream project of the Chairman, Prof. Samit Ray. It is envisaged to be a complete residential training school for high-end government job aspirants. Though being a part of RICE Education, Adamas School of Professional Studies will be an integral part of Adamas University. It is focusing primarily on Indian Civil Services (especially IAS / IPS) and also state civil services and other government jobs.

The new building for Adamas Center forf Professional Studies is coming up inside the Adamas Knowledge City campus. The infrastructure is being built in such a way that 5000 students can stay at a time. As a residential course, all related requirements will be fulfilled – including trained teachers, 24 X 7 library and wifi facilities, beautiful pollution free peaceful environment and nutritional diet. Faculty from New Delhi specially trained and experienced in civil services coaching will be brought in full-time. Backed by research, the distribution of classes will be such that it imparts the highest possible quality of training. Adamas Center for Professional Studies will offer a 360 degree value to the students and Civil Service aspirants will not find any alternative to Adamas Center for Professional Studies in India. In future, it will be a brand to reckon with.