RICE, The Journey

Success is not a prerogative. It is a privilege earned through sheer hard work, a never-say-die spirit and self-belief.

It’s one thing to receive training for competitive examinations. It’s entirely another to have a unique experience, that transforms you from a novice hoping to crack tough exams for government jobs, to a confident competition master.

At RICE, we have been doing just that! For the last 35 years! If you take a look at various Central and State government departments, you would find at least 1,00,000 past pupils of RICE. Every year we train young men and women, evolving and transforming them into leaders who are contributing meaningfully to the development of our nation.

Way back in 1985, inspired by his father Shri Sachis Kiran Ray, who himself was an exemplary teacher, Prof. Samit Ray envisioned a form of training that would be a synergy of knowledge, skill, research and creativity, and would consistently aim at the upliftment of urban and rural youth by making them competent enough to face any competitive examination for jobs. Today, RICE Group, along with other institutes under its umbrella, is considered to be the benchmark in training and education throughout India. RICE today is recognized as a multi-location, multi-programme training specialist that runs on corporate lines.