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A job at RICE is not just a job, it is the beginning of a career made by you. Working at RICE offers unique opportunities for personal and professional development, along with several benefits and a work culture that embraces diversity. So whether you’re looking for an internship, post graduate opportunities, or a job opening to progress your professional career, at RICE you can shape your own career growth path. Find a job that you love, excel in and is rewarding as you work with the brands and people that drive our sustainable business growth.

Talented employees are proved as asset for every organization. We treat each and every employee respectfully. We have had the proud privilege of providing potential job opportunities with promising career prospects for several thousands of aspiring candidates in highly lucrative positions.

We catalyze the process of bringing the right talent to the right source at the right time. Professional attitude and risk taking capability is our strength to excel in this age of cut-throat competition.

We support career development through activities ranging from training to individual coaching and mentoring. We believe, however, that the most effective way for you to grow as an employee is through self-managed learning and on the job training, based on challenging work assignments, opportunities for cross-functional projects, job rotation and international experience.
Compensation & Benefits
There are many benefits of working within the RICE Group. Besides the competitive levels of salary, compensation and benefits, you will be working in a value-driven company where your voice is heard and your ideas matter. In the RICE Group, important aspects for salary setting include your performance and willingness to change and develop, your capacity to utilize the opportunities for internal mobility and your leadership potential regardless of where in the group you work. We work together to allow you to design your own career.
Personal & Leadership Development
When working in the RICE Group you develop – at all stages of your career. You develop through your job and the national network that you acquire in your day-to-day activities. And of course through training, which is both job and skill specific but that also stimulates broader personal growth. Potential employees are assessed for leadership competence and are groomed to occupy leadership positions in the company. We have a system that enables measurement of leadership effectiveness, gap identification against an identified set of leadership competence. Individual development plans are made based on the gaps identified to ensure that the process of development and growth is meaningful.
Personal and Professional Growth
We state in our learning strategy that development is 70% based upon on the job training, 20% based on networking and 10% based on training programmes and further education. With this in mind, our jobs and positions offer a wide variety of challenges that will help you as an employee to grow personally and professionally.

We are committed to using internal mobility as a way to develop employees and build a stronger organization, making the best use of the skills and knowledge of our group talent pool.

In short : If you are open and enthusiastic about moving between roles, functions and businesses in the RICE Group – we will learn and develop together.
Career Path
In the RICE Group you will be encouraged to follow the path that is right for you. Long-term opportunities with the Group include Leadership, Multi-skill and Specialist careers. Each path has a structure that consists of several levels, all linked to specific competences and development tools, activities and programs. RICE offer a structured way of developing and preparing our employees for current and future roles. Based on an open dialogue with your manager, your drive and your potential and readiness to develop, we offer you the possibility to follow your path – and to move from one career to another. We work together in order for you to progress. All career paths have an underlying management structure. Promotions within each career path are aligned with the needs of the organisation. Succession criteria for leadership positions in each career path have been identified, which provide basis for job rotation. Anyone joining the organisation can choose to pursue a business, function or staff career path and will be put through specific training interventions and job rotation path towards becoming a business, function or staff head.
What We Believe
We believe that a work climate characterized by respect for the individual, challenging career opportunities and a healthy workplace, support personal development and make your work stimulating. We believe that diversity and inclusion increase your engagement, generate innovation and business development – and make the RICE Group a more interesting place to work.

We believe that every employee has the capability and the determination to improve our business operations, and the desire to develop professionally. And we believe that responsible business, including environmental aspects, business ethics, human rights and social issues, is our way of doing business.
Our Values
  • Act in a transparent manner that earns the trust of our team members.

  • Have respect for people with an empathetic view toward the needs of all,

  • Treat all team members equitably and fairly,

  • Continuously strive to add value to our activities by innovating new work practices and being open to new ideas,

  • Communicate clearly, openly and honestly - Provide constructive feedback, even if it is apparently negative,

  • Encourage all employees to grow professionally and take ownership of their work,

  • Use resources efficiently - We encourage multi skilling and building of a lean organization.
Education Up - gradation Schemes
To meet academic aspirations of employees and match them with needs of the organization, RICE has tie-ups with reputed institutes. RICE sponsors fixed size batches of employees who are inducted into these courses based on their performance rating in the company and their performance in the entrance exam conducted by the institutes. Unlike other study leave and sabbaticals, employees undergoing these courses do not forego their salary or career growth during the duration of the course.
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