About Us

History of Rice

Shri Sachis Kiran Roy played a pivotal role in the field of education and it was his dream to establish an institution which would mark itself as a pioneer in this field, by contributing in the area of practical training and education. It was his vision to establish a full-fledged well-equipped training institute to develop the young minds of the future generations to face the challenges of the industry.

RICE Education is the realization of that long-nurtured dream, which was set up with a strong promise of providing quality training and education of young bright-eyed aspirants for government jobs. The aim was to strike a balance between the academic orientation of the mainstream education system and the needs of industry and governance, which has been perfected over the years. Established in the year 1985 and headquartered at Dishari Bhawan (Belgharia), today, RICE has over 17 centres across West Bengal where around 1,50,000 students have made their career in government jobs after completing their training successfully.

RICE Education started off way back in 1985 under the visionary leadership of Mr. Samit Ray, who has nurtured the institution along with an exceptional group of educators. He had dared to dream and in its existence of around 30 years, RICE, and the other institutions under its umbrella has managed to carve out a niche for itself, and emerge as one of the premium institution in this sphere.

It the last three decades over 1,00,000 RICE candidates have found success in various Central and State government departments all over India. RICE has created history and it acts as a model in the field of competitive examinations not only in West Bengal but throughout India.