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RICE on Expansion Spree
RICE has big plans for the future. The company wants to grow its transactional values manifold with realizing its dream of making education available to all, providing enhanced access. In a span of less than two months, the Group has already launched 9 centers covering various states that include Assam, Bihar, Odisha and a few in West Bengal. India is a young country given that more than 50 percent of its population consists of youth. This directly implies that the Indian education sector has huge potential and with being one of the largest higher education systems in the world, the country certainly has exciting prospects in the education space. The economy of the north-eastern region of India which even a few years ago was static, is all set for a positive transformation with particular importance being given to the education sector. At this juncture, RICE Group will undoubtedly play a key role which is spreading fast in the geography by launching its operations in various parts of the region. Some of the branches of the Group have already been made operational such as few in Guwahati, Silchar, Agartala, Bongaingaon and few more, while the next few are in the pipeline, which are to be launched very soon.

Presence of RICE in Assam will not only mark a beginning of quality education for government job competitions and other entrance preparations in the region but will also boost the economy of the entire area, since the state is a gateway to the northeast of India. The Group has major expansion strategies already designed for the region and few other zones of the country that awaits just the implementation. RICE Group through its educational services will definitely ensure better possibilities to the students of north-east India who migrate to far flung areas of the country for higher studies like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and others due to lack of educational infrastructure in their own states. Availability and easy access to education within their peripheries will not only enable these students to get better education within their reach but will also prevent them from facing challenging racial and other discriminations in other states.